About Us

MIDLOG BV is an international asset based and freight forwarding company located in the Netherlands and Turkey. Excellence in Global Logistics and best-in-class customer service is the driving element of our company. We care about you, your cargo, and your success. Our highly committed team supports you with local know-how and a global network.

We are specialized in Road- and Ocean freight services. We improve your performance by optimizing costs and timelines. We provide you with instant information and proactive updates for maximized transparency, especially in cases with challenges. With an experienced team we accompany your shipments throughout the entire process with utmost care and a dedicated contact person. With a network of reliable partners and our experienced staff, we always provide full visibility when it comes to the latest status of your shipments.

Why should i choose MIDLOG ?

"Honoring moral obligations"

"Sustain the quality at the highest level for services offered"

"Working with expert & devoted & experienced employees"

"Generating innovative solutions complying with needs"

"Identifying all unfavorable conditions and risks"

"Working under all laws, regulations, instructions related to the activity sector"

"Adapting to changing sector dynamics (human resources, etc.)"

" Duly fulfilment of conditions such as occupational safety and environmental health etc."

"Establishment of strong and quality relations with customers"

"To give importance to customer satisfaction"

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